Evil Dead

Mia – “You shouldn’t have touched anything from that basement.”

The Big Sick

Kumail – “Your driver will be ready as soon as he puts on his pants.”

Sunshine Cleaning

Joe Lorkowski – “It’s a business lie, it’s different from a life lie.”

James and the Giant Peach

Grasshopper – “This is an outrage! You are a disgrace to your Phylum, Order, Class, Genus and Spe…”

The Squid and the Whale

Bernard Berkman – “What is it about high school, you read all the worst books by good writers.”

The Meyerowitz Stories

Harold – “It’s called flirting when you’re young. I’m not sure what it’s called when you’re over 70.”

The Fault in Our Stars

Isaac – “Dude, I’m not deaf, I’m just blind, so I can hear when you make fun of my disability.”

Darkest Hour

Winston Churchill – “Will you stop interrupting me while I am interrupting you!”


Matt Ryder – “Oh that’s bullshit. you were a prick long before you had the cancer.”

The Post

Daniel Ellsberg – “Wouldn’t you go to prison to stop this war?”

The Other Guys

Terry Hoitz – “I’m like a peacock, you gotta let me fly!”


Matt Kowalski – “I know I’m devastatingly good looking but you gotta stop staring at me.”


Steve Wozniak – “Nobody wants to buy a computer. Nobody!”

The Double

Simon – “It’s terrible to be alone too much.”

Hotel Chevalier

Ex-girlfriend – “If we fuck I’m gonna feel like shit tomorrow.”

Crimson Peak

Edith Cushing – “Ghosts are real, that much I know. I’ve seen them all my life…”


Teddy – “You don’t want the truth. You make up your own truth.”

Planet Terror

Tony Block – “I’m gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge.”

Going in Style

Morgan Freeman – “A conga line right into prison”

The Belko Experiment

Barry Norris – “Hey, listen up, everybody, whoever’s doing this, they’re having a little fun at our expense.”


Chappie – “Don’t laugh, I’m being cool.”


Miranda North – “I feel hate. I feel pure fucking hate for that thing.”

Twelve Monkeys

Jeffrey Goines – “There’s no right, there’s no wrong, there’s only popular opinion.”

Lazer Team

Zach – “You gonna You gonna double arrest me?” What?

Indie Game: The Movie

Tommy Refenes – “The things I’ve sacrificed are social. You kind of have to give up something to have something great.”

Ender’s Game

Ender Wiggin – “Knocking him down won the first fight. I wanted to win all the next ones, too. So they’d leave me alone.”

Digimon: The Movie

Matt – “They’re not weird. They’re my best friends, considering this is the only computer in town.”

Event Horizon

Dr. Weir – “You know nothing. Hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse.”

I, Robot

Detective Del Spooner – “… Sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit.”


Father Mould – “Every devil used to be an angel, and now you’ve fallen from grace forever. When Satan was banished from Heaven, he was cursed to crawl the earth like a snake. There’s no hope for you.”


Ruth Buggs – “Fuck-a-roo, that was the best titty-farting sleep I have ever had.”


Laing – “Prone to bouts of mania, narcissism and power failure.”


Ben Willis – “You can speed it up. You can slow it down. You can even freeze a moment, but you can’t rewind time. You can’t undo what is done.”

The Voices

Fish – “I sure hope so. Wish I could help you Jerry… uuh, but I’m just a fish.”

The Accountant

Ray King – “I spent my whole life only recognizing my lucky breaks after they were gone.”


Nate Foster – “For evil to triumph, it only takes good men… to do nothing.”

They Live

Nada – “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Power Rangers

Jason Lee Scott – “It’s morphin’ time.”

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Del – “You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I’m an easy target. Yeah, you’re right, I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you… but I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings.”

The Fountain

Izzi – “It’s all done except the last chapter. I want you to help me. Finish it…”