The Big Sick

Kumail – “Your driver will be ready as soon as he puts on his pants.”

American Made

Barry Seal – “Guys. It ain’t about room, alright? It’s about weight.”

I, Tonya

LaVona Golden – “You skated like a graceless bull dyke. I was embarrassed for you.”


Richie Tozier – “Welcome to the Loser’s Club, asshole!”

The Meyerowitz Stories

Harold – “It’s called flirting when you’re young. I’m not sure what it’s called when you’re over 70.”

Brisby Bear

James Pope – “ Its very sad you didn’t get to do what was important to you.”

Darkest Hour

Winston Churchill – “Will you stop interrupting me while I am interrupting you!”

The Post

Daniel Ellsberg – “Wouldn’t you go to prison to stop this war?”


Mamá Imelda – “…And never forget how much your family cares for you.”

Phantom Thread

Reynolds Woodcock – “I’m certain I was never meant to marry. I’m a confirmed bachelor. I’m incurable.”

Call Me By Your Name

Marzia – “People who read are hiders. They hide who they are. People who hide don’t always like who they are.”

Get Out

Rose Armitage – “You were one of my favorites.”

The Shape of Water

Strickland – “The natives in the Amazon worshipped it. Like a god.”

Lady Bird

Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson – “You are SO INFURIATING!”

Tour de Pharmacy

Juju Pepe – “How do you beat a man on drugs if you are not on drugs?”

Little Evil

Gozamel – “It’s the end of the world! We’ll drop you off afterwards. Come on!”

Lucky Logan

Clyde Logan – “I saw you had some sort of robbery to-do list.”

Justice League Dark

John Constantine – “Is that a sword in your chest, or are you just glad to see me?”

Ghost in the Shell

Dr. Ouelet – “We cling to memories as if they define us, but they don’t. What we do is what defines us.”

Going in Style

Morgan Freeman – “A conga line right into prison”

Baby Driver

Doc – “Don’t feed me any more lines from ‘Monsters, Inc.’ It pisses me off!”


Commander Bolton – “Seeing home doesn’t help us get there, Captain.”

Atomic Blonde

David Percival – “You can’t un-fuck what’s been fucked.”


Miranda North – “I feel hate. I feel pure fucking hate for that thing.”


Donald Pierce – “As I live and breathe, “the Wolverine”.”

Power Rangers

Jason Lee Scott – “It’s morphin’ time.”

The LEGO Batman Movie

The Joker – “Hey Batman! I’m rubbing my butt all over your stuff! Gonna have to rename this the “Buttmobile”.”

The Discovery

Thomas – “”Faith” Oh, God. I have such contempt for that word. Show me someone who relies on faith and I’ll show you someone who’s given up control over whatever it is they believe.”