Sunshine Cleaning

Joe Lorkowski – “It’s a business lie, it’s different from a life lie.”

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death

Wallace – “Farewell, my angel cake. You’ll always be my Bake-O-Lite Girl.”

Step Brothers

Brennan Huff – “I’m going to take a pillowcase and fill it full of bars of soap and beat the shit out of you!”

The Dark Knight

The Joker – “It’s simple. We, uh, kill the Batman.”


Hud – “One of them grabbed me, tried to drag me away. What’s up with that?”

Iron Man

Tony Stark – “If you douse me again, and I’m not on fire, I’m donating you to a city college.”

Yes Man

Carl Allen – “You ever had a Red Bull? I’ve never had a Red Bull before, but I had a Red Bull last night – I really like Red Bull.”