Evil Dead

Mia – “You shouldn’t have touched anything from that basement.”

What We Do in The Shadows

Viago – “I was thinking, maybe… I just should bring a broom down here for you if you wanted to sweep up some of the skeletons.”

The Big Sick

Kumail – “Your driver will be ready as soon as he puts on his pants.”

Nocturnal Animals

Susan Morrow – “Do you ever feel like your life has turned into something you never intended?”

American Made

Barry Seal – “Guys. It ain’t about room, alright? It’s about weight.”

City of God

Barbantinho Adulto – “Why return to the City of God, where God forgets about you?”

The Handmaiden

Lady Hideko – “Is it stupid to love someone being someone like you?”

Sunshine Cleaning

Joe Lorkowski – “It’s a business lie, it’s different from a life lie.”

Hot Rod

Rod Kimble – “I’d rather die than live in a world where I can’t kick your ass.”

A Bug’s Life

Hopper – “First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.”


Maui – “The chicken lives!”

James and the Giant Peach

Grasshopper – “This is an outrage! You are a disgrace to your Phylum, Order, Class, Genus and Spe…”

Chicken Run

Babs – “I don’t want to be a pie! I don’t like gravy.”

The Squid and the Whale

Bernard Berkman – “What is it about high school, you read all the worst books by good writers.”

I, Tonya

LaVona Golden – “You skated like a graceless bull dyke. I was embarrassed for you.”


Dutch – “You’re one… *ugly* motherfucker!”


Richie Tozier – “Welcome to the Loser’s Club, asshole!”

Step Brothers

Brennan Huff – “I’m going to take a pillowcase and fill it full of bars of soap and beat the shit out of you!”

The Meyerowitz Stories

Harold – “It’s called flirting when you’re young. I’m not sure what it’s called when you’re over 70.”

Brisby Bear

James Pope – “ Its very sad you didn’t get to do what was important to you.”

The Fault in Our Stars

Isaac – “Dude, I’m not deaf, I’m just blind, so I can hear when you make fun of my disability.”

Darkest Hour

Winston Churchill – “Will you stop interrupting me while I am interrupting you!”

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Ricky Baker – “”Faulkner is cauc-asian” – well, they got that wrong because you’re obviously white.”


Matt Ryder – “Oh that’s bullshit. you were a prick long before you had the cancer.”

The Post

Daniel Ellsberg – “Wouldn’t you go to prison to stop this war?”

The Game

Conrad – “They won’t leave me alone! I’m a goddam human piñata!”


Mamá Imelda – “…And never forget how much your family cares for you.”

The Graduate

Mrs. Braddock – “What makes you think she wants to marry you?”

Phantom Thread

Reynolds Woodcock – “I’m certain I was never meant to marry. I’m a confirmed bachelor. I’m incurable.”

Call Me By Your Name

Marzia – “People who read are hiders. They hide who they are. People who hide don’t always like who they are.”


Keller Dover – “Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

Get Out

Rose Armitage – “You were one of my favorites.”